I wander around taking photos. Sometimes I have a plan, other times I don’t.

I love taking photos of just about anything. I like using angles, space, reflections and light to create interesting images.

I photograph with digital and film cameras.

I’ll update this site with new and old projects.

I have exhibited or donated work to the following shows:

LOUCHE – November 2008
LOUCHE Midsommer Nite – June 2009
FOOK Charity Art Raffle  РAugust 2010
The Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust Charity Art Auction – May 2011

I post to my other blog with photographs taken with film cameras.

You find the site here: michaelsturgess.com

I have been working in the creative industries for over 14 years.
I’ve worked in editorial, marketing and advertising departments and I’ve managed various print and digital projects from concept to conclusion.
I’ve had the following roles: Digital Design Executive, Art Director, Art Editor, Design and Production Manager, Design Consultant, Senior Designer and Designer.